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It’s basically a digital virtual assistant to help your potential or existing customer to find the related information easily and quickly no matter how many other people are in your website or your social media inbox. It is capable of talking to infinite people at the same time, at any time, 24/7/365 in short, they don’t have any working hours. There are many other benefits you can get from a chatbot.

Ask yourself these questions quickly: Do I provide constant accessibility and availability of information?; Do my customer service provide enough touchpoints?; Can I help my customers with no clear idea of what they really need or want? etc. If the answers are all no, then you might consider using one.


Chatbots can help you save money; reach your audience 24/7/365; initiate the product decision process and thus making the check-out process easier; make you freer of manpower therefore save money again; add personality to your brand and personalization to your ads and CTA’s and even help you measure the customer satisfaction.


Yes, you can embed our chatbot both on your desktop and mobile version of your website by simply inserting a code block.

We support Google Dialogflow (formerly for now currently. You can easily integrate it to your chatbots for your business. In the future, other NLP’s might be supported as well.


Currently, 32 languages are supported in our chatbots. You can check the Google Dialogflow source here.

Text (text-only chat)
STT (speech-to-text, audio input, speech recognition)
TTS (text-to-speech, audio output, speech synthesis)
Phone (Dialogflow Phone Gateway with enhanced speech models disabled)
Knowledge (Knowledge Connectors)
Sentiment (Sentiment Analysis)
SmTalk (Built-in Small Talk)

Name Tag * Text STT TTS Phone Knowledge Sentiment SmTalk
Chinese – Cantonese zh-HK
Chinese – Simplified zh-CN
Chinese – Traditional zh-TW
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
English – Australia en-AU
English – Canada en-CA
English – Great Britain en-GB
English – India en-IN
English – US en-US
French fr
French – Canada fr-CA
French – France fr-FR
German de
Hindi hi
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese – Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese – Portugal pt
Russian ru
Spanish es
Spanish – Latin America es-419
Spanish – Spain es-ES
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
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